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Insulation industry

Ahlström Tver LCC, Rekino, Tver region, Russia Ahlstrom refeVen

Product: Glass fleece
Fraction to be removed: Removal of glass fibre dust and chaff
Type of filter: 040-SBJ- 348, multicutter х 2
Volume of air: 33,000 m3/h
Type of fan: 3 х DST tot. 55 kW

Saint-Gobain Isover, Yegorievsk, Moscow region, Russia

Product: Glass wool
Fraction to be removed: Fibre-type dust from glass wool (production
line no. 2)
Type of filter: 264 MHL 336
Volume of air: 120 000 m3/h
Type of fan: 2 х 55 kW