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Paper and graphic industry

KM-Pakkaus, Joensuu
Postac refeVen

Product: Packaging materials
Fraction to be removed: Aluminium-coated paper waste
Type of filter: FT-100 III
Volume of air: 7,200 m3/h
Type of fan: 11kW centrifugal fan

Member of the Postac Ltd BONG Group, Kaluga, Russia

Product: Production of envelopes
Fraction to be removed: Removal of paper dust and chaff
Type of filter: 051-SBD-332
Volume of air: 23,000 m3/h
Type of fan: 1 х 45 kW

AM Materials Ltd Co., Podolsk, Moscow region, Russia

Product: Production of sticker material
Fraction to be removed: Chafing strip removal (4 x high-speed Muller machines, speed 900 m/min)
Type of filter: FT-III-80
Volume of air: 4,500 m3/h
Type of fan: HDT 250-30/R, impeller STS 280, 18 kW