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Spare parts

In addition to planning-, manufacture-, installation- and maintenance services, PPT-Filter also provides a comprehensive range of spare parts and accessories required by dust removal equipment. The selection includes different filter hoses, pockets and cartridges, support cages and frames, as well as auxiliary accessories like nozzles and braces.

We represent WOKU filter materials

PPT-Filter is an official dealer for German WOKU Filtermedien GmbH & Co. KG in Finland and Russia. WOKU is one of the biggest filter manufacturers in Europe. Its product range includes different filter hoses, pockets, baskets and other accessories.

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With the right filter materials, you can achieve substantial savings

We have a laboratory at our disposal. Based on data from there, we can offer consulting in the choice of filtering materials for different systems and in solving possible filtering problems. We can also compare the research data of the filters in use with the operation of new product types. The research data obtained often reveals the reasons for earlier problems in the operation of the filters.

We also test dust samples and examine the filtering materials used. We can make a suggestion for the best-performing filtering material based on the studies of the dust samples. The tests study the layering of dust on the current filter material, and perform cleaning tests on the materials.

Testing services and methods

- Mechanical properties: air permeability, tearing durability, stretching, wearing/chafing, pore sizes
- Microscopic examination: dust distribution in the section surface of the filter material, with illustrated documents
- Heat properties: melting point, heat durability, shrinking
- Dust properties: pH value, particle size
- Static properties

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