• The best solutions speak for themselves.
    The best solutions speak for themselves.

    We provide total solutions and individual items of equipment

    for dust removal in industry.


  • Paper and graphic
    Paper and graphic

    With our efficient paper waste conveyor systems, waste can be efficiently recovered and warm filtered air returned to inside premises.

  • Food

    We supply comprehensive dust removal solutions and cleaning systems for the improvement of the quality of the food industry working environment and products.

  • Energy

    We offer the energy industry filters that can withstand high temperatures, and ensure particle emissions that are as low as possible.

  • Woodworking

    The MOLDOW filters that we represent are a solution to the large and heavy dust and waste loads suffered by the woodworking industry.

  • Metal

    Removal solutions for oil mist, grinding dust and welding fumes are a mainstay of metal industry production.

  • Enviroment

    Our solutions help prevent the formation of dust into a health and fire-safety risk in different kinds of crushers, for example in waste treatment plants.

  • Bulk

    We supply solutions for dust removal in silos and on conveyors.

  • Chemical

    Our high-quality dust removal solutions and cleaning systems ensure safe and clean working conditions and end-products in the chemical industry.

  • Insulation

    We offer dust removal and central vacuum cleaning systems to support the production of wool, mineral wool and pulp wool insulation.

  • Maintenance and parts
    Maintenance and parts

    With our maintenance agreements and high-quality spare parts, you can safeguard your production. Choose a maintenance agreement!


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